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A Collection of Top 20 Newspaper & Journalism Word

A Collection of Top 20 Newspaper & Journalism Words

Collected & compiled by Hamid R. Bagheri


Here is a collection of Top 20 Words in newspaper and journalism as listed below:

article  n. a text or piece of writing on any non-fiction subject 

broadsheet UK  n. a large-format newspaper with usually serious contents 

3  censor  n. official with the power to stop publication of certain articles - censorship n. 

chequebook journalism  n. the obtaining of exclusive rights to a story by payment of large sums of money 

correspondent  n. 1 person who writes a letter to a paper 2 person who writes articles for a paper 

critic  n. a person who writes articles, esp. stating opinion, about art, music etc 

desk  n. a department of a newspaper [eg: the sports desk] 

edit  v. to check, modify and generally prepare written material for publication 

editor  n. 1 a person who edits 2 the head of a newspaper or newspaper department 

10  editorial  n. an article written by the editor stating his opinion 

11  exclusive rights  n. rights or permission for one paper to publish a story that no other paper can 

12  feature  n. a special or regular article in a newspaper, usually displayed prominently 

13  front page  n. the first page of a paper, usually carrying the most important story 

14  headline  n. 1 the title at the top of an article 2 headlines the most important stories 

15  journalist  n. a person employed to write articles for a newspaper - journalism n. 

16  media  n. the media all the means of mass communication (papers, TV, radio etc) 

17  opinion  n. what a person thinks about a particular subject; a subjective point of view 

18  paper  n. 1 thin, flexible material for writing or printing on 2 newspaper 

19  story  n. a news article or report 

20  tabloid  n. a small-format paper, with short, sensational stories - see broadsheet 

Source: commonmistakes.blogfa

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